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WTF Moments: Devparade’s “Body & Soul / cosmic mind” Single (Review)

March 6, 2009 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook WTF Moments: Devparade’s “Body & Soul / cosmic mind” Single (Review)on Twitter

Lots and lots of pink. This is what you’ll be greeted with when you pick up the “Body & Soul / cosmic mind” single from Japan’s fattest band, Devparade. It was just a few weeks ago that we reviewed the group’s second single, “Bacchikoi!!!,” which was featured as the closing theme for Naruto’s eighth season. This time we’re taking a trip back in time to the summer of 2008 to check out their debut single, “Body & Soul / cosmic mind.”

One thing that amazes me about Devparade is that each and every one of their songs sounds completely different from one another. While “Bacchikoi!!!” was energetic and over-the-top, this release features a more laid back sound… sort of. You’ll just have to see what I mean.

Hit the jump to get re-introduced to this unique act that’s shaping up to be one of my favorites out of Japan.

There are three tracks on the single, and all of them are great. “Body & Soul” kicks things off on a funky note with swanky guitars, jazz organs, and bendy synth lines that had me bopping my head right from the start. The two vocalists continue their complementary singing styles with yellow rapping in his gruff voice, and red intently scream-talking. Despite their loud voices, the music is pretty laid back, and the guitar solo towards the end is quite nice.

“cosmic mind” shifts gears, taking a break with a mellow walking pace in what can best be described as pop. Red lazily sings for a bit before belting out a few versus alongside a backdrop of a very pretty guitars and dreamy electric pianos and synth lines.  Even yellow sounds subdued when his rap comes in half-way through the song. This was definitely unexpected, but good nonetheless.

Just as “Bacchikoi!!!” closed with some rock music, “Body & Soul / cosmic mind” takes a similar approach with “ME☆TA☆BO~俺たちミートボール~.” I swear this one reminds me of Aerosmith with its catchy guitar riffs and showy brass segments. Yellow gets his gruff on, laying some awesome lines over the rock backing.  There’s even a jazz organ solo… these guys definitely know the way to my heart! Also, towards the end, it sounds as though red is yelling, “Everybody fuck me, everybody fuck you.” Strange for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least with these guys.

So yeah, I had a hunch upon seeing the “Body & Soul” music video on YouTube that I’d love this single. It’s definitely worth picking up at CD Japan or Play Asia for all three tracks. I also recommend checking out the music video as these guys are a riot. And the packaging I mentioned before? Yeah, pink all over, from the cover to the text to the booklet, it’s everywhere. These guys are probably fun to hang with.

If the “Bacchikoi!!!” review didn’t get your attention, did this do the trick? Are you one of the world’s fat who feel a certain connection with the members of Devparade?

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