XBOX Update to Feature Gamer Stations

XBOX Update to Feature Gamer Stations

October 27, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook XBOX Update to Feature Gamer Stationson Twitter

According to the website, the new Xbox dashboard update will feature “Curated tag stations filled with game-inspired content.” In English, this amounts to a separate category in your options to access actual game music and/or game-inspired music.

Unfortunately, none of the included updates (Facebook, Twitter, or can be accessed while playing a game. But, we applaud’s efforts to promote game music and are interested to see how it works out.

Our friends over at Destructoid have made an excellent video preview where you can see all the aforementioned features.

Are you looking forward to the update or do you think it’ll be just a bunch of features better off accessed through your computer/phone?

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