XSEED Brings Us KORG DS-10+ In 2010

October 26, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook XSEED Brings Us KORG DS-10+ In 2010on Twitter

XSEED announced earlier this month that they will localize KORG DS-10+ for release sometime early next year. This is the follow up to KORG DS-10, a music synthesizer released on the DS in 2008, which became incredibly popular in Japan, even spawning bands such as Trio the DS-10 that exclusively used the KORG DS-10.

KORG DS-10+ will be compatible with both the regular DS and the DSi, and this is where it gets interesting, because playing this on the DSi will open up quite a few enhancements! DSi will enable 12-voice polyphony, 4 tracks for analog synthesizer simulation, 2 drum machines and 2 effect layers, while the regular DS version will have an updated synthesizer and more channels compared to the first game.

KORG-DS 10 was received with a good general reception, but there were complaints over it being restrictive and that making songs required a lot of work to get around those said restrictions, but it seems KORG DS-10+ will improve on every aspect of it’s predecessor and open up a whole new world for music lovers on the DS.

[via Destructoid]

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