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Ys SEVEN Soundtrack Announced: Come to the Land of Fertility!

Ys SEVEN Soundtrack Announced: Come to the Land of Fertility!

Email This Post Share on Facebook Ys SEVEN Soundtrack Announced: Come to the Land of Fertility!Tweet This Post Print This Post 10.08.09 | | 2 Comments

It appears as though a 2-disc soundtrack has been announced for Ys SEVEN. Justin had coverage from the most recent JDK Band Live event which featured some music from the game, and he was quite impressed with what he heard. I’ve since listened to the promotional albums that have been released featuring music from the game and have also liked what I’ve heard, so it’s great to know when we’ll be able to hear the soundtrack in its entirety.

There are certainly some interesting track names here, including the one I mentioned in the post title, “Land of Fertility” as well as “Primitive Deep Leaves,” “Road to Solitary Death,” and “A Sunbaked Throb.” Likely literal translations of the Japanese track titles that makes little sense in English, but they’re still quite amusing. All the music will be composed by legendary Falcom Sound Team JDK, including Akiko Nagano on violin, Masaru Teramae on guitar, Atsushi Enomoto on bass, and Norisuke Yoshikawa on drums.

Are you looking forward to checking out the Ys SEVEN soundtrack? Any thoughts as to why they’re calling it Ys SEVEN instead of Ys VII?

[via VGMdb]

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