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Zöta Zatisfaction: Ubiktune Presents Zeta Force

August 8, 2011 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Zöta Zatisfaction: Ubiktune Presents Zeta Forceon Twitter

The famous Swedish chiptune extraordinaire zabutom has been chipping it up with the best of them for over a decade now, having been part of demoscene groups like Share and Enjoy, Fadeout, Fyllece as well as others. His music isn’t just limited to electronic releases, he has also toured the world with his music, appearing at Blip Festival in New York City in 2008, placing him in the elite of chip music talents. But despite his fame and experience, zabutom has yet to release his very own full length album.

Ubiktune has luckily come in to save the day by finally releasing an all new album by none other than zabutom. Having been in various degrees of production for over 10 years, the album is an 16-bit space journey oozing of melody and voyageristic atmosphere. Despite being described as a 16-bit release, it is as if the Swedish tech-wiz used all the best elements of MSX, Amiga and SNES, showing shades of old Konami Kukeiha Club, Zuntata and of course filled with demoscene arpeggios to craft one of the coolest chiptune albums so far this year. It is not to be missed for any demoscene, chiptune or retro shooter game fans, a true must have.

Available at: Bandcamp ($5)

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