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2017: My Most Anticipated Video Game Music Albums

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I love writing about soundtracks I’m excited for, and usually do it following E3 every year. You can read my most recent list of most anticipated soundtrack following E3 2016 here.

This past year I’ve learned about a number of soundtracks that are in the works, and I’ve collected a list of them for you.  I know 2016 isn’t over yet but let me know what you think, and please let me know about all of the great upcoming album’s I’ve missed!

Anew: The Distant Light – Wilbert Roget II

One of the soundtracks we had a brief sampling of this year was to the upcoming Indie game Anew: The Distant Light by composer Wilbert Roget II. The composer has stated that the music has been inspired by 20th century orchestral composers such as Bela Bartok and John Adams. I cannot wait to hear the full score once it’s released.

Battletech – Jon Everist

Last year, Jon Everist’s score to Shadowrun: Hong Kong was my favorite video game score. I still listen to it regularly, and his work on Necropolis this year was equally impressive. Battletech is going to be a huge game from Hairbrained Schemes and the composer has slowly been teasing images of score sheets for a large orchestral score. In the above video you will get just a taste of what I expect to be something very special.

Brave Wave Productions/Generation Series

We previous wrote about a couple Brave Wave releases that were coming in 2017 a while back. However, I exchanged tweets with Brave Wave’s Founder and Director, Mohammed Taher recently and he sent me back the following image with some of their confirmed releases for 2017:


Ever since it was released I was sincerely hoping for a physical release of Keiji Yamagishi’s Retro-Active. It looks like that wish has been granted, along with several other great albums to look forward to. We do know that Ninja Gaiden is also in the process of being released on the Generation Series Label, and Mr. Taher has also commented that there are more soundtracks to be announced for 2017, which can’t get here soon enough.

Mages of Mystralia – Antoine Vachon

I am also eagerly awaiting the release of the soundtrack to Mages of Mystralia. Antoine Vachon who OSV has written about in the past has really impressed me with the preview tracks for the upcoming game which you can sample above.

Are you excited by anything on this list? More importantly, what upcoming soundtracks are you looking forward to that I’ve missed?

Be sure to keep checking back with OSV in the coming week when we’ll post our lists of our favorite albums of 2016.

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