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A Mischievous Montage of Offbeat Halloween Tunes

October 31, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook A Mischievous Montage of Offbeat Halloween Tuneson Twitter

Given the number of spooky music posts we’ve seen on the site this month it’s obvious that a lot of us around here love the Halloween season. Michael’s turned his “Arrangement of the Week” series to the dark side and Ryan recounted some of the songs that accompanied his favorite scary game moments. I love the season too and even though I’ve been listening to that Spooky Bonus soundtrack for the last week there are some other favorites I’d like to call out.

Rather than focus on the dark, atmospheric soundscrapes (Crypt Keeper pun there) of a Silent Hill or Dead Space, I thought I’d grab a handful of a more playful variety. I don’t have specific memories to go along with them like Ryan so I’ll let the music do the talking with this 14-minute montage. I hope you’ll find the selection a little more surprising than the familiar ghost house theme from Super Mario World or some Castlevania tracks.

If you’ve got a favorite mischievous melody of your own, be sure to share it in the comments below or you’ll have to wait a whole year for Halloween season to creep around again!

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