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A Must Listen: Shadowrun: Hong Kong (Review)

November 16, 2015 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook A Must Listen: Shadowrun: Hong Kong (Review)on Twitter

I have listened to the Shadowrun :Hong Kong at least 5 times since I received a digital copy to review.  The soundtrack spans 28 tracks and is spread across 2 CDs in its physical release.

The music itself is very melodic, uses a variety of instruments combined with unique sounds, and overall presents a very engaging listening experience.  Read on to see my thoughts about what I loved so much about this soundtrack and hear some must listen tracks.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is not Jon Everist’s first composition in the Shadowrun universe, he also composed music for two previous games Shadowrun Returns, and Shadowrun: Dragonfall.  I have not listened to any of the music from the previous games, and I don’t think you need to in order to appreciate this soundtrack.  Honestly I had no idea that there was a Shadowrun universe until earlier this week – I am excited at the prospect of learning more about the previous games and their music.

“Grendel” was the first track on the album that really hooked me.  The track opens with an intense percussion, and somber violin and gradually builds into a more complex melody that has some serious emotional weight to it.  I imagined a number of things listening to this track such as chasing a killer through a dark mysterious alley, to an epic struggle or boss fight.

“Exit Stage Left” uses what sounds like a resonating alarm sound from an airlock as the pace setting musical beat for the track.  It’s balanced so well with the other sounds in the track which are mysterious faint piano, various strings, and interesting sounds.

“Plague of Rats” continues the trend of musical excellence, simple percussion carries the track though its emotional ups and downs.  I imagined that this is something that would play during the review of a crime scene, or something truly strange that you’re trying to comprehend.

I can’t speak to how this music works in the game but after a first listen of a digital copy of the soundtrack to Shadowrun: Hong Kong I had to see if there was a CD version available.  There is, and according to the Video Game Music Database  entry it is limited to  only 100 copies and I just bought one.  So I’d head on over to bandcamp pronto if you’re looking to add a physical copy to your collection.

The gorgeous looking album pictured above will set you back $11.99 (which includes shipping to the USA, a few bucks more for shipping if you’re international).  If you don’t want the physical release treat yourself to the musical experience that Jon Everist has created in digital form for just $5 on bandcamp.  After I listen to this album a few more times I plan on checking out more of his music.  If you’re curious about the game itself, its available on Steam.

Are you familiar with the Shadowrun universe, and have you played Shadowrun: Hong Kong?  What do you think of the music?

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