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A Natural Wonder of the Soundtrack World: Unravel Original Soundtrack (Review)

July 12, 2016 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook A Natural Wonder of the Soundtrack World: Unravel Original Soundtrack (Review)on Twitter

The Unravel soundtrack has been out since June 24, 2016, and since that time I’ve listened to it a least half a dozen times. The soundtrack runs just short of two hours and listening to it that much has been easy. I’ve listened on my walks, while writing, and even on Sunday afternoons with the dog sleeping peacefully to it’s melodies.

The music was composed by Frida Johansson and Henrik Oja and recorded with a small group of musicians in a small Swedish studio called Second Home. Although I have not played Unravel, its soundtrack has a lot to offer. Read on to hear more of my thoughts of the music.

Unravel’s music alone will tell you a story through its progression of songs, and it’s track names. The opening track titled “Longing” opens with soothing elongated stringed notes that reminded me of opening my eyes after a sunrise. “First Steps” progresses slightly adding some soft percussion almost mimicking a heart beat, and acoustic guitar which makes the listener feel as something has come to life.

Track 4 “Summer Sky / Baangpolskan efter Zacharias Baang” has a such a reverberating echo of a sound when it begins it gives you the feeling that you have just come across a vast open landscape, light guitar and strings then enter and you will be enveloped in thoughts of exploration and discovery. It runs about 6 minutes and I didn’t even notice the time going by – a great sign.

“Mist in the Mire” is when the music shifts to a bit of a more sombre sound and brings on small feelings of apprehensiveness. To me listening I imagined I was exploring though a misted or swampy area where you couldn’t see that far ahead of you, but that you still felt safe and that you could still see some light encouraging you to push on.

“Halling efter Per Loof” has an increased tempo featuring a wonderful foot stomping traditional dance melody. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the album.

“Departure” also brings up feelings of loss, and mis-direction. I’d imagined the main character of the game Yarny walking with weighted shoulders and their head down as if they’d lost something.

“Morning Frost” features some fingerpicking guitar that immediately brought me to imagine falling snow.

Another highlight of the album is a track titled “Crystal” which features the choral vocals of the band Kraja known for some great acapella, whom co-composer Frida Johansson is a member.

If you read about the creation of Unravel’s soundtrack you can see that it was the composer’s intention to tell a story with the music. I can wholeheartedly say that musically they have achieved this, and like rereading a good book I have re-listened to Unravel‘s soundtrack many times.

I am not going to write about any more of the soundtrack tracks as I don’t want to spoil the musical story for you. I think this soundtrack is a personal experience with something for everyone. Listening to the soundtrack indoors at times made me want to open a window or go outside. The great thing about this soundtrack is that you can bring it with you.

You can purchase Unravel‘s soundtrack on Amazon for $11.49 and you get 1 hour and 55 minutes of great music. I think it’s a must own.

Have you listened to Unravel‘s soundtrack yet?

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