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A Step Sideways: Tritton Technologies’ AX 720 Headset (Review)

October 31, 2009 | | 6 Comments Share thison Facebook A Step Sideways: Tritton Technologies’ AX 720 Headset (Review)on Twitter

If you recall, it was earlier this year that we took a look at the massive (and impressive) Tritton AX Pro headset, which featured full 5.1 sound that I thoroughly enjoyed while performing mundane tasks like listening to music, playing my DS, and talking on Skype. Well, Tritton Technologies is back, but this time with the AX 720 headset: a scaled-down but more smartly designed headset.

If you’re in the market for a headset, you definitely need to consider checking into the AX 720, and I’m about to tell you why!

Hit the jump for our review of the Tritton AX 720 headset.

First of all, even though I’m obviously very much into music, I wouldn’t come out and say I’m an audiophile, meaning ease of use is something that’s very important to me. First and foremost, the AX 720 is amazingly easy to get working right out of the box, as it connects directly and easily from the headset’s inline audio controller to your PC, DS, laptop, CD player, or whatever else you can think of.

Remember one of my biggest complaints with the AX Pro was that there were cables all over the place, including two separate power supplies for the headset itself and the decoder box. While some of this was due to the fact that it provided 5.1 sound with multiple speakers in the headset, the AX 720 certainly simplifies things, only requiring one power supply only if you’re using the amp box that you’ll need for optical connections. Other than that, you can get these going with just one connection to a headphone jack and without the need to be tethered to a power outlet.

On the topic of the amp box, it’s one thing that has some positives and negatives compared to the AX Pro. First of all, it’s slightly bigger, which might put some people off, but I like the fact that everything is accessible from the front panel rather than from all sides of the device as was the case with the decoder box for the AX Pro. Simply put, fewer cables and easier access are a good thing when it comes to the AX 720, but you may find yourself trying to locate space for it on your TV stand.

In terms of sound, the AX 720s sound great despite the lack of bells and whistles that come with the AX Pro. There are only two speakers in the headset, with no dedicated subwoofer, and still, the bass is quite kickin’. Sounds are clear and crisp, regardless of whether it’s voice via Skype or console gaming, music on the PC, or any other place. These are definitely a great way to beef up the terrible stock speakers of any laptop with just one connection to the headphone jack.

When it comes to design and construction, the headsets are almost identical. This means comfortable, even during extended sessions. I guess it’s a matter of preference as to whether you like the white AX 720 design or the AX Pro silver design. I like the fact that they changed the microphone extension to a pliable material so that it can be adjusted to the unique deformities of one’s face. The inline audio controller is symmetrical and more aesthetically pleasing than that on the AX Pro, although the abstract color-coded volume controls of the AX Pro were a lot of fun.

Well, I think we’ve made our way to the price. I said that the AX 720s are a scaled back version of the AX Pro, and the price adequately reflects that. The AX 720s are $129.99 versus $169.99 for the AX Pro headset. A nice drop in price for a headset that is more convenient to use, doesn’t create as much of a mess, and provides great sound. Unfortunately, the AX 720s are being sold exclusively at Best Buy, and I know some people out there have some strong opinions about that specific retailer. The bottom line is that this is another great entry into the Tritton AX series, and is worth your consideration if you’re in the market for a new headset.

Have you had a chance to check out of any of Tritton Technologies’ products? Do you perhaps have a favorite headset from one of Tritton’s competitors that you’d like to tell us about?

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