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DISCLOSURE POLICY (Updated 11/28/17)

Original Sound Version is a small, niche news outlet run by volunteers and dedicated to reporting thorough news and providing as much transparency as we can. Although we may have personal and professional connections within the video game and VG music communities, both developed naturally and as a result of networking, we also strive to hide nothing from our readers. As such all reports and review through OSV will be made with integrity in mind.


    • • OSV does accept review copies of game music and soundtracks, as well as music-related games, through developer/composer emails requesting a review, or a writer requesting a soundtrack/game with which a managing editor will reach out to see if a copy of the material is available. These copies will be used expressly for review or coverage of the game or music in particular for OSV, unless otherwise stated.


    • • OSV often covers artists and composers who we have gotten to know outside of a professional capacity. Any coverage of musicians, composers or artists that the writer has a personal friendship with outside of the industry will be disclosed.


    • • Writers are allowed to pledge to Kickstarters and other crowdfunding campaigns that may be covered by OSV later on. Writers are not obligated to disclose low-level pledges to successful campaigns involving material available to the public. Any higher-level pledges that involve material only available through the Kickstarter and not through retail, or otherwise pledges to unsuccessful campaigns that may create a bias towards the material being covered, will be disclosed at an editor’s discretion.


    • • When our output makes allegations of wrongdoing, iniquity or incompetence or lays out a strong and damaging critique of an individual or institution, the presumption is that those criticized should be given a “right of reply”, that is, given a fair opportunity to respond to the allegations.


    • • Former writers for OSV now work within the game music industry and may be covered or have associated works covered. The most frequently covered being Dale North (composer) & Jayson Napolitano (Scarlet Moon Productions/Records). Any additional former writers that receive regular coverage will be disclosed, either here (if frequent enough, as a blanket-disclosure) or within the article.



Currently OSV uses Google Ads as our main source of ad revenue, and suppliments this with affiliate links through VigLink. VigLink affiliate links are both manually and automatically inserted into applicable posts and have the potential to earn us revenue based on purchases made through them. Future revenue streams that OSV implements will be listed here as well.

Revenue from ads goes towards the maintenance of the website and hosting costs first and foremost. If additional revenue is generated, it will be used to further enhance the website and content. This includes but is not limited to, translations, event coverage, website improvements and so on.