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An Original Album stitched out of Animal Crossing’s parts

August 25, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook An Original Album stitched out of Animal Crossing’s partson Twitter

An Original Album stitched out of Animal Crossing's parts

Animal Crossing games come few and far between. Since 2001 they’ve been released every three to five years and right now we’re four years into the wait for a new mainline entry. So what’s a fan, hungry for more of that sweet and wistful music to do? Fortunately, Belfast-based artist, Ry, has stepped in with a unique new alternative.

The fittingly titled album SOFT TOWN is a collection of 20 original songs “made from samples ripped from Animal Crossing”. It’s fascinating to hear the familiar instruments and sounds I’ve become so fond of over the last 15 years playing someone else’s music. Ry has even gone as far as remixing their own themes and adding layers of environmental sounds to create “Inside” and “Outside” versions of each track.

The album’s release has been a good fit this month as the hot summer vibes here in the midwest U.S. are slowly cooling into the first hints of autumn. A little whimsy, a little melancholy; it really captures the feel of Animal Crossing without being a direct remix. Give SOFT TOWN a listen if you’re an anxious Animal Crossing fan or if you just need some chill sounds to get you through the day. The album is available from Bandcamp now for name-your-price.

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