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Arrangement of the Week: Finding Somebody to Love in This Meager World

August 28, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Arrangement of the Week: Finding Somebody to Love in This Meager Worldon Twitter

A lot of the orchestral arrangements that have been covered here on Arrangement of the Week have been full orchestra affairs. This week I thought it would be nice to look at an acoustic cover that features only one type of instrument. In this case an arrangement from Final Fantasy: Tactics performed on a 12-String guitar.

This week’s Arrangement of the Week covers a handful of pieces from Final Fantasy: Tactics titled “Finding Somebody to Love in This Meager World.” The arrangement comes courtesy of artist, and longtime OC ReMix contributor, Level 99, aka Stevo Bortz. The piece primarily uses “Delita’s Theme” as the source material, but also incorporates bits of the “Main Character’s Theme” and the “World Map” track.

What I find truly impressive about this arrangement is how well the three different themes fit together. The themes flow from one to the other effortlessly, making the arrangement a joy to listen to. On top of this, the sound of the multiple guitar tracks works very well together. Rather than making an arrangement for a solo guitar, there are multiple parts to flesh out the harmony and allow for clear presentations of the melody in the lead guitar part. Each guitar can be heard clearly, so it never feels like the piece is overwhelming or chaotic.

What sets this Final Fantasy: Tactics arrangement apart for me though, is the fact that it’s a live recording. No sample instruments or artificial sounding effects are used in this cover. What results is a more expressive and moving arrangement. It’s a wonderful adaptation of the original source material and I found it a great piece to relax to.

Are there any interesting solo arrangements, covers, or remixes that you’ve discovered this week? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section. You can listen to and download “Finding Somebody to Love in This Meager World” on OC ReMix.

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