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Arrangement of the Week: Golden Flowers

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It had to happen at some point. We’re finally featuring an arrangement of music from the new hit indie game Undertale. There’s certainly been no shortage of adaptations of Toby Fox’s excellent soundtrack, but I’ve finally gotten around to choosing one of my favorites for this week’s Arrangement of the Week.

The featured arrangement is a synth rock cover of the tracks “His Theme” and “SAVE the World” titled “Golden Flowers.” The track is the result of a collaboration between artists OA and Level 99 and is set to be part of a future OverClocked University album Spring Break.

The track has a wonderfully uplifting tone throughout its run. The source material has some powerful melodies to begin with and various bright synth leads just help amp up the joyful tone. While the lead synth sounds remain the focus for much of the track, there’s some great touches like the breakdown section at 2’38” featuring the piano. The segment is a good contrast to the rest of the track and lasts just long enough to make the return of the synth instruments feel fresh and surprising.

The arrangement evokes a sense triumph and of nostalgia, which feels odd given that Undertale isn’t even a year old at the time of writing this post. The game has left a strong impression on those who’ve played through it, myself included, so perhaps that’s part of the evoked nostalgia. There’s an obvious passion for the soundtrack from the artists here, and it has resulted in a great cover.

Do you have any favorite remixes, arrangements, or covers of music from Undertale? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below. You can check out OA and Level 99’s track “Golden Flowers” at OC Remix.

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