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At A Glance: Video Game Composer Antoine Vachon

June 10, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook At A Glance: Video Game Composer Antoine Vachonon Twitter

Antoine Vachon also known as Reveirg is a Canadian composer and sound designer from Montreal, Quebec who has written the music for an indie PC game titled Chilie: The First Encounter, an app called Gentlemen…Ricochet! and Gentlemen Ricochet! Mini which is a de-make or 8-bit version of the original App with a chip tune soundtrack.

He has also composed the music to accompany an award winning act of a Magician, Marc Trudel, and recently released the soundtrack to a moutain bike film titled Cycles: A Mountain Bike Season in Flims-LAAX-Falera.  I recently spent some time with his music which is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

The music from Gentlemen…Ricochet! features some jazzy and creative piano that has a wonderful swagger.  The de-make 8-bit version Gentlemen Ricochet! Mini, has all the elements of a classic Gameboy title and is a very nostalgic listen.  Chilie: The First Encounter makes use of the xylophone with piano and some high tones to bring out the character of the young girl featured in the game.  The magician piece “Legerdemain” starts with soft piano and builds into a much more colorful melody.  And the newest work, Cycles: A Mountain Bike Season in Flims-LAAX-Falera  features great atmospheric synth and piano.  He’s also got a pretty impressive Xenoblade Chronicles Main Theme Piano Cover on his Soundcloud page too.

All of Antoine Vachon’s music is currently available on bandcamp for “name your price” for now, I recommend checking it out as I expect we’ll see some great work by this composer in the future.  Have you experienced any of Antoine’s music in these games?


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