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Atlus Shows U.S. Gamers Some Love With Yggdra Union Bonus Soundtrack

August 18, 2008 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Atlus Shows U.S. Gamers Some Love With Yggdra Union Bonus Soundtrackon Twitter

It’s great to see that Japanese gamers aren’t the only ones getting sweet pre-order bonuses these days. Atlus fans have likely been following Yggdra Union for the PSP, which is a remake of the strategy title by the same name that was released a couple years back on the GBA.

Not only will the PSP remake feature a completely upgraded soundtrack this time around, but those who pre-order the title at Gamestop before the September 18 release will be rewarded with a complete soundtrack album. Composers Shigeki Hayashi and Minako Adachi were responsible for the music in the GBA title and are expected to be involved with the PSP remake. It’s great to see Atlus on board with the game music!

Are you a fan of the original Yggdra Union? Are you looking forward to having the upgraded soundtrack CD in your collection?

[via Destructoid]

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