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Brave Wave Releases ART OF FIGHTING Definitive Soundtrack on Vinyl and CD

November 3, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Brave Wave Releases ART OF FIGHTING Definitive Soundtrack on Vinyl and CDon Twitter


Brave Wave has gone and released another in their Generation Series of VGM vinyl production.  ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack  is being released in limited edition CD and vinyl formats.

Released in 1992, the music of Art of Fighting was originally created by Yasumasa Yamada (credited as Yamapy 1), Masahiko Hataya (credited as Papaya) and Jojoha Kitamura (credited as as Jojoha Kitapy) under the collective SNK in-house sound team name Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan. ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack features 28 tracks from the original game’s music and marks the beginning of a new partnership with SNK to restore and release classic soundtracks from the SNK NEOGEO catalog. This also eventually will include the ART OF FIGHTING 2 and THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR: ART OF FIGHTING 3 soundtracks among others. As with their previous releases, the collection will include artwork pulled from SNKs digital archives as well as feature interviews with the sound creators.

ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack can be pre-ordered now in physical format through Fangamer and Bigwax and streamed through Bandcamp.

Brave Wave has also released SHOVEL KNIGHT – PLAGUE OF SHADOWS The Definitive Soundtrack featuring music by Jake “virt” Kaufman as well as the compilation soundtrack to the action-adventure stealth game, RÉPUBLIQUE, with RÉPUBLIQUE ANNIVERSARY EDITION featuring music by Zinc LeMone. Both releases can also be picked up in physical format on Fangamer and Bigwax.

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