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C-jeff’s “Big Steel Wheels” Now Launched

November 15, 2013 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook C-jeff’s “Big Steel Wheels” Now Launchedon Twitter

A combination of 80’s music and chiptunes? You’d have to be crazy to pass up a union like that! Well, you don’t have to now that chiptune artist Dmitry “C-jeff” Zhemkov has released Big Steel Wheels for public auditory consumption.

Described as “A fictional action music adventure, inspired by works of Vince DiCola, action movies, rock and metal music, chiptunes and the legacy of ’80s!” by C-jeff himself, he combines his skill with a cadre of strong supporting artists. Featuring Grant “Stemage” Henry, Dan “Danimal Cannon” Behrens and Raz Ben Ari on live guitar, Jeff Ball on viola, and even the voice talents of Alexander Brandon, Rich “Disasterpeace” Vreland, George “norg” Nowik and Lamont Bellsarios, the album is packed with talent. Boasting an essence of “Transformers the Motion Picture” with the flair of 80’s synth and smooth guitars and viola backing, it nails a heavy nostalgic feel.

Check it out on Ubiktune or pick up the entire album for $7 on bandcamp and give C-jeff some big steel love.

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