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Cafe SQ Gets Full Track Listing, Streaming Samples

October 4, 2011 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Cafe SQ Gets Full Track Listing, Streaming Sampleson Twitter

It was just two months ago that I was asking, “Where the heck is Cafe SQ?,” and now here it is. I still find it odd that it was announced prior to SQ Chips, yet SQ Chips is already out, but hey, as long is it gets released, I’m happy. Square Enix recently launched a site dedicated to the album, which was rapidly translated on VGMdb, and the album is looking to be one of the best SQ series offerings to date, although I am biased given that I love the whole chillout genre.

The album will feature music mostly from Final Fantasy (big surprise), although tracks from Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and Dewprism, and a couple others will also show up. There are 15 tracks in all, and some of the picks, including “Delightful Spekkio” from Chrono Trigger, “Matoya’s Cave” from Final Fantasy, and “Troian Beauty” from Final Fantasy IV have me super excited. Yes, “Troian Beauty.” It seems like everyone gets how amazing this song is except for Uematsu himself. Do I need to start a petition to get it included in Distant Worlds?

Anyway, the official Cafe SQ website has the full track list as well as streaming sample (including “Troian Beaut”), so check it out!

Which is your favorite SQ album to date? Will you be picking up Cafe SQ when it’s released in late November?

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