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Castlevania Whipped Up Classical Style

February 17, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Castlevania Whipped Up Classical Styleon Twitter

This little gem snuck it’s way into MAGFest 8 almost unnoticed, but for those who managed to snag a copy, they got themselves a real treat. Daniel Brown, better known as Kareshi, the classical pianist who arranges video game music, and also a world record speedrunner (go ahead and check Guinness Game World Records 2008) recorded this Castlevania arrangement CD as a gift to Kinuyo Yamashita, but eventually he decided to run a small print for sale at MAGFest as well.

The CD includes all the tracks from Castlevania arranged on piano by Brown himself, and also included is all his sheet music, live performances and other extras on the CD-ROM content. The live performances were recorded at MAGFest 6 along with his friend Andre Beller under the name of Pingoreshi.

You can now pick up the leftover CDs at Brown’s website for $5 USD, way less than what I usually pay women to whip my fair white buttocks.

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