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Check out Hundreds of MMO Soundtracks in One Place

October 3, 2015 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Check out Hundreds of MMO Soundtracks in One Placeon Twitter

Back in September I asked the video game music community “What Game has the most Music?” and quickly realized that MMOs are the juggernauts in this category. With updates and expansions spread out over several years, though, it’s never easy to keep track of all that music but is doing an admirable job. The site has been around since January and aims to cover every kind of MMO out there — from free-to-play RPGs  all the way down to mobile puzzlers — including their soundtracks.

The Music section of their site currently represents nearly 200 games with curated SoundCloud playlists. This covers the heavy hitters like Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV as well as DOTA, League of Legends and smaller/older titles like Pangya, Dofus, Trove, and many more. Each game also has a nice little wiki hub so you can read an overview with development details or MMOs’ content while listening. In most cases their playlists aren’t comprehensive but it’s turned out to be a a great place to start if you’ve got a specific MMO soundtrack in mind or — in my case — are just curious about what some of these games are.

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