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Chip Tanaka’s Original Album Django out Now

November 22, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Chip Tanaka’s Original Album Django out Nowon Twitter

Chip Tanaka's Original Album Django out Now

Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka has been producing and pioneering the sounds of chiptune music since he first started on with Nintendo in the 80’s. But even after creating the memorable sounds of Metroid, Dr. Mario, Earthbound, and Pokemon this new album marks a first for the composer. Django is Tanaka’s first full-length album released under his stage name Chip Tanaka and on his own personal music label.

“If my music can be divided into ʻfor adultsʼ and ʻfor kids,ʼ then this is the culmination of my harder side,” Tanaka explains before adding, “[it’s] the kind of game music you hear in EarthBoundʼs battle tracks.”

The 13-track album is available to download on iTunes and Bandcamp. Physical copies on a digipak CD are also available for around $30 US from Bandcamp while supplies last. A music video for the track “Beaver” was also released alongside the album featuring art and animation by renowned illustrator Jun Oson. Check it out above and give the album a listen on Bandcamp or Apple Music.

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