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Chiptunes = WIN Group Presents Chips = FLIPPED Full Album

March 14, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Chiptunes = WIN Group Presents Chips = FLIPPED Full Albumon Twitter

About 5 years ago, the folks over at the Chiptunes = WIN group decided to invert their process by taking previously-make chiptune tracks and having artists cover them with live instrumentation. Called Chiptunes = WTFLOL, the album was a six-track EP and was a nice deviation from their previous format.

Fast-forward to today, and those same folks have released an entire album in the same format, featuring 11 tracks from some of the top names in the VGM community. Chips = FLIPPED takes the same process of re-arranging previously released chiptunes and doing them them up with live instruments. Featuring artists such as DJ Cutman, Grant “Stemage” Henry & Erik “Viking Guitar” Peabody, and even big names in the chip and game music industry such a Makeup & Vanity Set and Machinae Supremacy, the Chips = FLIPPED album brings out some pretty big guns.

It only took 5 years to crank out a full length sequel to the original ‘WTFLOL’ EP. Worth the wait? You damn well better believe it! #FlipIt (╯°□°)╯︵ ♪♫♬

100% of ALL payments are considered donations to fund further Chiptunes = WIN projects. – Brandon “President Hoodie” Hood, Chiptunes = WIN Head

The Chips = FLIPPED album is currently available digitally on Bandcamp at the name-your-price option, or you can purchase it and all the other Chiptunes = WIN albums on an 8GB jumpdrive for $15.

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