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Chrono Cross Arrange Album Update: Maybe 2011?

April 5, 2011 | | 9 Comments Share thison Facebook Chrono Cross Arrange Album Update: Maybe 2011?on Twitter

During our chat with Yasunori Mitsuda about his work on -Myth- among other projects, we also were sure to ask for an update on the Chrono Cross arrange album that has been in the works for as long as any of us can remember. We got a sample of the album a few Christmas holidays ago, but aside from that, things have been rather silent. We actually had a bit of an exchange about the album, and I know fans want to know what’s going on.

Hit the jump for details!

OSV: Mitsuda-san, fans are surprised that -Myth- has seemingly come out of nowhere, whereas you’ve been working on the Chrono Cross arrange album…

Mitsuda: [Laughs] Yeah… sorry…

All: [Laughs]

Mitsuda: Well, that release is not completely confirmed yet… I’m working on it when I have time, as I finish my other work. There has been progress, but not as quickly as I had hoped. It will come, for sure, so please wait a little longer!

OSV: Well, there’s so much hype now that people have been waiting for so long. The pressure is on to make the greatest arrange album of all time!

Mitsuda: Yeah… you’re right!

OSV: Are any of the tracks complete, or are they all along at various points?

Mitsuda: Several are complete, actually.

[Some time later…]

OSV: So what’s going on in 2011 for you?

Mitsuda: Well, now that you mention it! I’m not really working on new composition work, so I guess that gives me more reason to work on the Chrono Cross album.

OSV: So, by the end of 2011?

Mitsuda: I’ll do my best…

OSV: Is that a promise?

Mitsuda: [Laughs]


What do you think?  Will we get it by the end of of 2011?  I’m thinking not, but it is interesting to know that he has several tracks complete.

[Special thanks to Emi Uesako at Square Enix Japan for translating the interview]

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