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Chrono Trigger Fan Mega Album ‘Chronicles of Time’ Released

February 14, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Chrono Trigger Fan Mega Album ‘Chronicles of Time’ Releasedon Twitter

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If you’d been keeping track of the teasers and trailers for the long-awaited release of the Chrono Trigger mega arrangement album “Chronicles of Time“, then your wait is over. The five-disc behemoth project has finally been released to Loudr and iTunes in all its 75-track glory. (we originally counted 60, but we can’t numbers good)

Clocking in at just under six full hours of music, the album is packed to the gills with talent across the entire VGM spectrum. Directed by Spectrum of Mana’s Nate “FoxxDragon” Horsfall and co-directed by Kurt Horsfall, Chronicles features musicians, arrangers, artists and bands from Overclocked Remix, Dwelling of Duels,, MAGFest bands and several other talents from across the world.

chronicles of time musicians

We are the team behind 2013’s acclaimed Secret of Mana tribute album: Spectrum of Mana. Chronicles of Time is our highly-anticipated tribute to Chrono Trigger: 5 Discs and 75 tracks long, 2 years in the making.

This project is a world wide collaboration between over 200 artists within VGM communities such as Dwelling of Duels, OverClocked ReMix, and many live bands, who expertly re-imagine the beloved SNES-era RPG soundtrack originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, and Noriko Matsueda.

The album is divided into 5 “eras” with distinct musical tones representing each era, and features a massive amount of artwork crafted specifically to depict the game’s most memorable moments alongside the album’s music. Available on both Loudr and iTunes for $20, all proceeds will go towards the charity Doctors Without Borders.

Chronicles of time

“Thanks to every single person who helped make this project happen, and for sticking with it until the end. Squaresoft and everyone part of it, for creating this wonderful game which we pay tribute to. Cory Johnson for sweeping in like a boss and taking Lavos when it shockingly ended up dropped- and then creating a 20 minute monster. The mastering team: Luiza, Grant, Erik and JMR for kicking ass, and Erik especially for taking it on himself PERSONALLY to make sure Super Soul Bros made the cut. Kurt for coming up with two genius ideas: The crests, and the eras organization. Jer for just owning this website for the last 3 months and toiling away on it without ANY feedback at all, because I was too busy and ignored it until basically 2 days before launch. I mean he even put in easter eggs all over this thing. Who does that? You’ll never find them. Steph for saving me life by taking the tagging for loudr and working on it for SIX HOURS, so i didn’t have to do it. Love you. Jayson for getting us out to the masses. Thanks for nothing, Safari. And thanks to YOU! For reading this far! Wow, you really are dedicated aren’t you?” – Nate Horsfall; Director

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