Chrono Trigger Goes Hip Hop With Hero Muzik Volume II

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Phoenix, Arizona – December 9, 2016 – Random Beats Music is thrilled to release Hero Muzik Vol. II by K-Murdock, a hip hop tribute to the lovable cast of characters from Squaresoft’s legendary Super Nintendo RPG, Chrono Trigger. Over the course of 12 tracks, K-Murdock and friends give voice to all the key protagonists as well as other memorable characters including tracks dedicated to Spekkio, Lavos, and mysterious gurus, Belthasar and Gaspar. Hero Muzik Vol. II is available now from Bandcamp.
“This album was a true labor of love, taking over two years to complete. Personally, this has been the most rewarding project I’ve ever produced and engineered given my childhood affinity for the game and its’ memorable soundtrack. The underlying goal with Hero Muzik Vol. II was to showcase the breadth of amazing music and musicians featured.” – K-Murdock
Fans will appreciate hearing their favorite Chrono Trigger melodies slowed down, chopped up, and re-arranged, offering a new spin on Yasunori Mitsuda’s most popular compositions. Hero Muzik Vol. II offers several instant classics, including a catchy ode to Lucca called “Big Brains” featuring Sammus, a touching narration from Magus and his younger self, Janus, as they describe the troubles of the Kingdom of Zeal from their unique perspectives and worry for the safety of their sister in “Schala & I,” and a smooth closer featuring Richie Branson.

Hero Muzik Vol. II‘s track list is as follows:
  1.  Chronos (Crono)
  2.  Timeline (Marle)
  3.  Big Brains (Lucca)
  4.  Robo
  5.  I Got A Form (Spekkio)
  6.  A Change of Scenery (Frog)
  7.  Focus Management (Magus)
  8.  Arm’s Length (Ayla)
  9.  Schala & I (Schala and Zeal)
  10.  Remember it All (Lavos)
  11.  The Gurus of Meaning (Belthasar, The Guru of Reason)
  12.  Bring Crono Back (Gaspar, the Guru of Time)
Hero Muzik Vol. II follows up the original Hero Muzik album, which was a tribute to Nobuo Uematsu’s soundtrack to Final Fantasy VI. Hero Muzik Vol. II is released in collaboration with Random Beats Music, Mega Ran’s music label aimed at showcasing some of the biggest names in nerd core and chip hop.

Source: Scarlet Moon Productions

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