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Comic Con 2010: Teased With More Child of Eden and Halo: Reach Details

July 24, 2010 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Comic Con 2010: Teased With More Child of Eden and Halo: Reach Detailson Twitter

Seriously, what a tease. Child of Eden is mine and many others’ most anticipated game for the Microsoft Kinect, and while it isn’t on the show floor, it was at Microsoft’s press event a couple nights ago. I wasn’t expecting it to be there, and I quickly made my way over to watch a young lady move with the music and actually look good while playing the game (I know I’m going to be incredibly awkward). As it turns out, she’s with Microsoft, and they weren’t letting anyone get hands-on with the game, which was a shame. Still, it looks awesome, and we did confirm that we were indeed hearing the Genki Rockets in the background, and that while it may look casual in that you progress through levels without any sort of resistance, enemies will indeed fire back in the final build, and you can die.

Regarding Halo: Reach, we saw 8-player multiplayer in action, and man does this game look beautiful. We saw the return of classic maps from the original Halo, and when we inquired about Marty O’Donnell’s score, we were told that his writing partner Michael Salvatorri is indeed on the project, and that while we heard rock music at E3, there’s a nice blend of all new music for the game, including ethnic Middle Eastern themes as well as rock and other styles. I’m looking forward to a soundtrack release for this one already!

What do you think of Child of Eden and Halo: Reach? Have you enjoyed O’Donnell’s recent experiments with the music of Halo?

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