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Community Question: What do You think of Super Mario Odyssey’s Music?

November 11, 2017 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Community Question: What do You think of Super Mario Odyssey’s Music?on Twitter

Community Question: What do You think of Super Mario Odyssey's Music?

As of this writing I’ve just completed one of Super Mario Odyssey’s most self-referential areas, the Metro Kingdom, AKA New Donk City. If you’ve seen practically any footage of the game up to this point then you’ve probably heard the swingin’ vocal theme from that world, “Jump Up, Super Star!”. That song has been buzzing in my head since E3 as I’ve been eagerly anticipating the rest of the Nintendo soundtrack and the full game. But now that it’s here I’m shocked to find myself saying: I’m just not that into you.

Granted, I don’t know how much of the game is ahead of me but in any other Mario title I’d have a playlist full of favorite themes after a dozen hours. So far I’ve only earmarked two songs that I really like, but on the upside this disconcerting focus on the soundtrack has tuned my ear to the game’s surprising lack of music.

There isn’t a consistent soundtrack bopping along in the background of most of the game’s worlds. There has typically been an initial space outside of the major platforming areas where you’re introduced to the visual style, characters, and mechanics of each world. In these outskirts you’ll largely hear only environmental sounds with the music building in layers as you near the center of activity. From there entirely new tunes come into play as you enter warp pipes or duck into hidden corners. It may not be my favorite Mario soundtrack but I can’t fault them on the technical sound design: it’s been very effective even if it’s not so catchy.

What about you, fellow Odyssey players, what’s your take on Mario’s latest soundtrack? Let us know your overall thoughts or individual favorite songs in the comments below.

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