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Data Discs Releases Newest Vinyl with OutRun

June 25, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Data Discs Releases Newest Vinyl with OutRunon Twitter


You have to really commend the work that the people over at Data Discs put into their vinyl releases of truly classic Sega game soundtracks. The quality is always top notch, and it’s looking like their newest release will be no different. Their sixth official vinyl release has been revealed to be the 1986 arcade racing classic, OutRun.

The game’s music, composed by Hiroshi “Hiro” Kawaguchi, was a staple heard in arcades in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Video credit of InvincibleHedgehog91

At its time of release, the music, by renowned SEGA Sound Team member Hiroshi “Hiro” Kawaguchi, was a triumph of imagination and creativity. It showcased a fusion of styles and influences, all ingeniously and inexplicably condensed into the confines of an eighties arcade board.Data Discs

The vinyl will be released in both a classic black and a mint green standard edition, and also in a tri-color, semi-translucent limited edition for £19.99 starting June 25th. You can find out more information on their OutRun release on their website.

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