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David Wise Announced as Composer for Snake Pass

February 14, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook David Wise Announced as Composer for Snake Passon Twitter

David Wise and the Sumo Digital teamThough neoGAF speculators had already guessed the composer’s name based on some livestreams, Sumo Digital has made it official by announcing David Wise as the man behind the music of their physics platformer, Snake Pass. Being inspired by classic Rare titles in design and visuals alike, it was a natural fit for David Wise given his history with the studio and longtime work on the Donkey Kong Country franchise. He even composed Snake, Rattle ‘N’ Roll on the NES which I can’t help draw a little comparison to given Snake Pass’ starring serpent.

“Once I played the game and saw the captivating world Sumo created, it set my mind on fire. I immediately began composing melodies, then worked with the team to develop these and nail down the feel of the soundtrack,” said David Wise. “We’ve ended up with something that not only pays tribute to the game’s classic inspirations, but also brings something new to the table, just as the game’s mechanics do!”

Check out two painfully brief snippets of Wise’s compositions above and then take a look at some of Sumo’s footage from the game. It looks delightfully Rare-ish with a vibrant world, cute critters and a really interesting gameplay mechanic. Snake Pass is due out in “early 2017” and will be hitting every major platform when it does including Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. A soundtrack release will hopefully not be far behind.

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