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Devil May Cry Sound Box Digital Soundtrack Collection Released

December 17, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Devil May Cry Sound Box Digital Soundtrack Collection Releasedon Twitter

If you’re a fan of the music from the Devil May Cry series, then you just got an early Christmas present. According to a press release from Top Dollar PR,  Sumthing Else Music Works just released the Devil May Cry Sound Box, which features a digital collection of the original soundtracks from the first four Devil May Cry games.

Featuring two disks loaded with over five hours of music total, the combination of heavy rock coupled with gothic melodies is a combined effort from composers Tetsuya Shibata, Masami Ueda, Masato Kohda, Akihiko Narita and several others over the course of the series that follows the half-breed Dante during his demon-slaying journeys. The physical collection was previously only available in Japan. (The collection does not feature music from DmC.)

The Devil May Cry Sound Box can be purchased through Sumthing Else‘s website in two chunks for $5.99 each.

Sound Box Disk 1

Sound Box Disk 2

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