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DJ Cutman launches 24/7, lo-fi Game Music Beats Stream

October 10, 2017 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook DJ Cutman launches 24/7, lo-fi Game Music Beats Streamon Twitter

DJ Cutman launches 24/7, lo-fi Game Music Beats Stream

Over the last few months, GameChops founder DJ Cutman has been posting some of my favorite tracks to his personal YouTube channel. They all hail from his older albums and they simply feature game music, with a beat, slowed down to a jam-worthy tempo. It turns out this wasn’t a coincidence as he recently launched Radio Cutman on the channel offering a “24/7 live stream of instrumental & lo-fi hip hop, video game remixes, and chill-out beats”.

Cutman isn’t mixing the music live 24 hours a day but he has curated 231 beats from himself, DJ Grumble (Freestyle Tools), and Bknapp (SNES Beats) into a 9-hour playlist that unfolds differently each day. He’s also edited many of the beats to fit the non-stop stream format — cutting out intros and adjusting the audio to get things into a seamless flow of jams.

As advertised, it’s been a great accompaniment to my workweek. Retro tunes and samples (largely from Nintendo consoles) appear alongside modern indie favorites (like Undertale and Shovel Knight), all aligned with some fantastic beats. Give it a listen above or on YouTube to join the live chat where the GameChops crew seems to be pretty active. Rumor has it a similar live station is coming soon to highlight GameChops releases.

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