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Doni gives Streets of Rage 2 the Chill-out Treatment

March 23, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Doni gives Streets of Rage 2 the Chill-out Treatmenton Twitter

Doni gives Streets of Rage 2 the Chill-out Treatment

Yuzo Koshiro’s soundtracks to Streets of Rage 1 and 2 made for defining moments in the sound of the Sega Genesis. They’re generally fast paced soundtracks and are even daunting to listen to at times, but on the latest EP release from electronic producer Doni, the familiar themes get slowed way down.

The Streets features five themes from Streets of Rage 2 remixed in a chill-out style with a bonus re-remix from RobKTA. “Go Straight” may be the most immediately familiar theme but the change in style is most apparent on “Alien Power”. The tune in the game feels appropriately spooky for the alien landscape it accompanies and quickly erupts with tinny percussion and an otherworldly synth. Doni manages to retain the melody and the overall vibe but smooths down the garish tones into something chill and pleasant.

The Streets by Doni, perfect for relaxing on a bench

I picture it as the stage music before the avenging heroes show up and kick things into action. Or maybe the music the thug above is listening to as he relaxes on a bench at the ballpark. The EP album is available now for $5 from Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play or you can stream it through Apple Music and Spotify. GameChops has also uploaded four of the six tracks in their entirety to YouTube if you need more than a quick sample before purchasing.

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