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Don’t Miss: Distant Worlds f/ VGO: Boston, March 10th!

March 7, 2012 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Don’t Miss: Distant Worlds f/ VGO: Boston, March 10th!on Twitter

The Distant Worlds US tour continues strong throughout March 2012. For two nights in March they’ll be performing in St. Louis, Missouri, followed by a March 31st show in Toronto. For details on those shows be sure to visit the Distant Worlds official site.

If you live in or near Boston, however, you’ll not want to miss this special treat. This Saturday (March 10th), the Distant Worlds tour will be collaborating with Boston’s own Video Game Orchestra, which is led by  OSV contributor, J-to-E / E-to-J translator, and expert guitarist, Shota Nakama! Better yet, there will be a special guest in attendance for this show: Masashi Hamauzu. We don’t have confirmation on this, but it is likely that some kind of signing / meet&greet will occur after the concert.

Now, tickets are going fast for the Boston performance; as of right now, only “obstructed view” seats are available (i.e. — you won’t see much of the orchestra or the projected screen). But you may not even get that if you don’t act fast. We’re betting that the show will be sold out before Saturday, so there may be no “at-the-door” ticket purchases available. Get your tickets here, now.

We’ll be at the concert and will report back on it next week. Hope to see you there!

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