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Dracula Resurrects In Sweden for Castlevania The Concert!

October 29, 2009 | | 6 Comments Share thison Facebook Dracula Resurrects In Sweden for Castlevania The Concert!on Twitter

Just in time for Halloween, news comes from Sweden that on February 19th, 2010 there will be a Castlevania-themed concert called, you guessed it, Castlevania: The Concert. The concert will be performed by the Stockholm Youth Symphony Orchestra, a yet to be named rock band and other talents from Sweden. It will be held at Stockholm Konserthus (Concert House) and tickets will go on sale on Monday. The concert is put on by David Westerlund, a music student from Stockholm who has previously worked with various game music concerts in Sweden over the years.

Now best of all, Michiru Yamane will be flying out for this event! She is well known for her works on the Castlevania series, and will be arranging an exclusive piece for the event, as well as performing some of her own works and participate in a meet and greet scheduled on the same day. Original Sound Version will of course be in attendance and deliver a full report and impressions.

Check out their website at Castlevania: The Concert.

Do you want these kinds of concerts to come overseas? And are you excited for Yamane’s arrangement? Let us know!

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