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E3 2010: Nomura Confirms Composer for Kingdom Hearts 3D (Interview)

June 18, 2010 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook E3 2010: Nomura Confirms Composer for Kingdom Hearts 3D (Interview)on Twitter

A few lucky journalists, myself included, had the chance to sit down with Tetsuya Nomura at E3 to discuss the future titles in the Kingdom Hearts and Parasite Eve. Despite severe jetlag and overall fatigue he sat through numerous interview sessions and answered to the best of his ability.

At this year’s E3 we saw 2 new Kingdom Hearts games to be released in the future, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and Kingdom Hearts 3D on the 3DS. During our short session together we sat down to talk about the musical side of the Kingdom Hearts series and what to expect in the future.

Check out what Nomura had to say after the jump!

OSV: Do you involve yourself heavily in the audio direction of your games, or do you give the composer more free reign to compose?

Nomura: Well, I myself don’t write music, and I won’t go into the composing field of game development since I lack the musical skills. I have written lyrics for numerous songs however for the Advent Children movie. As for my interaction with the composers, I actually make alot of requests to them. I have a very specific and clear vision of what emotions and atmosphere I want to portray from the characters and locations so it’s very common that I send the music back and request a lot of changes.

OSV: You seem to have a preference in using Yoko Shimomura to do the soundtrack for your games. What is it that draws you to her music?

Nomura: Shimomura is a great person and obviously I think her music is amazing. But I find that she takes too long to finish the music, and I have to ask her to speed up the process (laughs).

OSV: Will she return to compose for the new Kingdom Hearts 3DS?

Nomura: You can be assured that Shimomura will indeed come back to score Kingdom Hearts 3DS. Other than that I can’t share any details about the game yet.

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