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E3 2011: Nano Assault Composer Revealed, CD in the Works

June 27, 2011 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook E3 2011: Nano Assault Composer Revealed, CD in the Workson Twitter

One of the biggest surprised for me at E3 came from Majeco’s booth. I had never got to try my hands at Shin’en’s Nanostray or Nanostray 2 although I was already interested in checking them out, and when I saw Nano Assault for the 3DS sitting there at the Majesco booth I just couldn’t help myself. I was flying and shooting in some very non-traditional and all 3-dimensional stages which covered everything from stages that resembled planetoids from Super Mario Galaxy where you flew around their surfaces searching for objectives, to a cool tunnel stage where I was flying into the screen. Theses levels wouldn’t be nearly as powerful without the 3D functionality of the 3DS.

While playing, however, I noticed some pretty cool drum ‘n’ bass music in the background. I immediately asked the Majesco staff person next to me, who happened to be the game’s leader tester, about the game’s music. As it turns out, Shin’en staff member Martin Schioeler is responsible for the music (and has worked on the music for several other Shin’en titles). I was told that Schioeler is a new presence on the Nano team, however, as studio president Manfred Linzner actually composed the scores for the two Nanostray games. Even more, the studio is also working on a special soundtrack album featuring music from Nanostray, Nanostray 2, and Nano Assault to release alongside Nano Assault on both iTunes and CDBaby.

I was excited by what I heard, so definitely keep an eye on this game. We’ll keep you posted on details regarding the soundtrack disc as well.

Were you a fan of any of Linzner’s work on the Nanostray or IRIDION series? Are you looking forward to Nano Assault?

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