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Expanding your Game Music CD Collection on a budget and finding rare gems

February 24, 2015 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Expanding your Game Music CD Collection on a budget and finding rare gemson Twitter

Over the past couple of years I have been growing my soundtrack CD collection and picking up things that I always wanted but missed out on because they were out of print, or a limited edition release.  There are game music collectors around the world that occasionally decide its time to thin out their collection or start to convert to digital because they don’t have the space for CDs anymore. In this article I will share the locations of where I’ve found some great deals, and where you can too. I also want to know where you’ve found a rare item, or your experience buying game music online. It’s time to start shopping, click here to find out

The Video Game Music Database Marketplace

Always start here. If a game soundtrack has been officially released on CD, DVD, Blu-ray or digitally it will be listed within the VGMDB. You’ll find composer details by the track, catalogue numbers for albums, and the Japanese text for the item that you can use to search on other sites like Amazon Japan.

When viewing an album it will tell you if there are any copies for sale and the seller’s asking price. Often you will find that the price is listed as negotiable, best practice is to ask for the price. Registration is required to inquire about purchasing an item, and offers can be made by sending the seller a private message. I have purchased a few great CDs through this site including the two Club Nintendo Japanese releases of the Super Mario Galaxy soundtracks, and Panzer Dragoon Zwei .

If you live in the USA you have it easy,’s Marketplace already has a number of sellers from Japan listing their merchandise but that will only ship to the USA. Browsing’s marketplace from Canada is akin to being a kid in a candy store and having an allergy to sugar – because the majority of sellers only ship within the country.  There are also some great buys on some classic game soundtracks on CD –  if you live in the USA right now you can buy a used copy of the MDK soundtrack for one cent and $4.00 shipping.

Amazon users located in the rest of the world can access the Japanese marketplace with Google Chrome, and it’s built in translation feature. You won’t be able to purchase everything but depending on what you’re after you may find quite a few sellers willing to ship internationally without having to use a third party buying service.  If you’re after a specific album, find it using VGMDB first and use the Japanese text or catalogue number to search here. Sellers will specify if they will ship internationally, look for the text says International and Domestic Shipping available. If it just says domestic, don’t bother adding the item to your cart.

Soundtrack Central’s Marketplace

Most of the users of this marketplace post their items for sale in the VGMDB Marketplace, but occasionally you may come across a user that has just listed some items and you can snag yourself a deal.

Film Score Monthly’s Trading Post

This is an excellent source for film, TV, and video game scores. Often you will find private collectors selling a variety of items and who are willing to deal through paypal and ship worldwide. I use it all the time, and highly recommend it. If you’re looking for something, all you have to do is ask.


Discogs  has also led me to a few finds and you view the sales history on items to get a sense of how much a soundtrack recently sold for. I noticed that right now someone is selling a copy of Yasunori Mitsuda’s 3CD soundtrack to Soma Bringer is selling for $12.00USD, and only $3.00USD shipping to the USA.

Now it’s time for you to give my wallet a break go out and scoop up some deals. What are you waiting for?

Have I missed a marketplace or website that you think should have made my list? Let me know!

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