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Feed The Beast: Game Boy Rock!! On CD

December 29, 2009 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Feed The Beast: Game Boy Rock!! On CDon Twitter

Wizwars released a free chiptune EP earlier this fall titled Game Boy Rock!!, which got praise from us and most other outlets for being a solid, catchy chiptune release with an irresistible beat. Chiptunes usually get released for free in single track form, and so it’s refreshing when these releases comes around and give us a full package with a consistency and flow that can be missing with the community releases. But imagine, how cool would it be if you could get this Game Boy-inspired release on a CD? Artwork, jewel case, CD… gets you all excited just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Well fantasize no more! Handheld Heroes are now selling CD copies of this release, with an added bonus track for extra value. The whole case is modeled after an actual Game Boy, making the all around presentation as authentic as the music, which was all made on a real Game Boy with no emulation or modification done: just pure Game Boy sound hardware material.

The CD sells at $8 USD, and can be purchased on Handheld Heroes CD outlet page. Pick it up if you are in the mood for some chiptunes to get you dancing.

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