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Final Fantasy II: Rebellion From OcRemix is Out Now

June 9, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Final Fantasy II: Rebellion From OcRemix is Out Nowon Twitter

The fine people over at OverClocked ReMix have released their 51st community arrangement album in the form of Final Fantasy II: Rebellion. If you couldn’t already guess from the title, the album covers Nobuo Uematsu’s music from the 1988 Famicom title Final Fantasy II. There are a total of twenty-one tracks from a group of eighteen different artists, with a wide range of music styles including folk, jazz, heavy metal, and many more.

Artists and groups contributing on this new album include Jeff Ball, Viking Guitar, XPRTNovice, and Sixto Sounds. Like previously released OverClocked ReMix community projects, Final Fantasy II: Rebellion is available for free download in a variety of formats. So if you have any interest in hearing some new interpretations of some classic Final Fantasy music, be sure to give this album a listen. You can check out Final Fantasy II: Rebellion on the album’s main page.

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