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Final Fantasy X Gets Massive Arrangement Album From Materia Collective

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Video game music publisher Materia Collective have gone above and beyond with the release of their massive, 100-track Final Fantasy X album, SPIRA.

Spread across two 50-track volumes titled Besaid Mix and Zanarkand Mix, SPIRA covers a huge variety of styles such as orchestral, electronic, and rock along with Bollywood, disco, gypsy punk, folk and irreverent chocobo choir from a large cast of musical talent includes Horizon Zero Dawn vocalist Julie Elven, composer Dale North, Pokémon Reorchestrated arranger Braxton Burks, the Triforce Quartet, and many others.

The Final Fantasy X soundtrack already contains a lot of variations on a few common themes.We wanted to create a listening experience where it didn’t feel like you’re listening to ‘Hymn of the Fayths’ 20 times in a row, so all of our artists aimed to do something new on their track. For example, some artists arranged in an unfamiliar style, while others incorporated unique instrumentation. As a result, both SPIRA albums re-frame the classic themes from Final Fantasy X with a fresh perspective. – Joe Chen & Emily McMillanProject Organizers

SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X is fully licensed and available today on Bandcamp for $12 apiece for both the Besaid Mix and Zanarkand Mix.

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