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Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Coming From Laced Records

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Laced Records, who has brought us excellent release of video game soundtracks including Shadow Warrior 2, Hotline Miami, and No Man’s Sky is now taking pre-orders for Final Symphony, and Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo.  The albums will be released as Deluxe Triple Vinyls and Deluxe Double CD sets.

Final Symphony, which features music from Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X was previously released in digital and Blu-ray Audio formats.  There was also a promotional LP release which only contained a few tracks. You can see the track listing below:

Disc 1
Fantasy Overture – Circle within a Circle within a Circle (4:08)
FINAL FANTASY VI – Symphonic Poem: Born with the Gift of Magic (18:08)
FINAL FANTASY X – Piano Concerto I. Zanarkand (8:18)
FINAL FANTASY X – Piano Concerto II. Inori (6:36)
FINAL FANTASY X – Piano Concerto III. Kessen (4:21)
Encore: FINAL FANTASY X. Suteki da ne (3:43)
Disc 2
FINAL FANTASY VII – Symphony in Three Movements I. Nibelheim Incident (13:43)
FINAL FANTASY VII – Symphony in Three Movements II. Words Drowned by Fireworks (13:38)
FINAL FANTASY VII – Symphony in Three Movements III. The Planet’s Crisis (14:07)
Encore: FINAL FANTASY VII. Continue? (4:36)
Encore: FINAL FANTASY Series. Fight, Fight, Fight! (3:18)
Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo has also been previously released in Japan and the EU in 2012. The program from this concert was recently performed in the UK as Symphonic Fantasies London, which was reviewed by Video Game Music Online’s Joe Hammond here.  The track listing for the new release features a bonus track which is bolded below:
Disc 1
Fanfare Overture (3:09)
Fantasy I: Kingdom Hearts (15:53)
Fantasy II: Secret of Mana (18:54)
Disc 2
Fantasy III: Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross (16:36)
Fantasy IV: Final Fantasy (18:37)
Encore: Final Boss Suite (7:41)
Bonus: Final Fantasy X. Suteki da ne (3:43)

You can see the see all the options over at Laced Records website, including some pretty cool art prints as well. I ordered the 2 album CD bundle because it’s such a good deal. At this time you can only pre-order the albums, which are expected to be released this December 2016.

Are you considering ordering these albums?

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