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From the Ashes: Les Friction and Their Debut Single, “Torture”

December 6, 2011 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook From the Ashes: Les Friction and Their Debut Single, “Torture”on Twitter

We are huge fans of E.S. Posthumus as evidenced by our coverage of their final album, Makara. We had a blast talking with the Vonlichten brothers about their work, and were devastated along with all of their fans earlier this year when it was announced that Franz Vonlichten had died unexpectedly. Out of the ashes, however, Helmut Vonlichten has started a new project called Les Friction with their first album, Louder Than Words, due out in 2012.

While you’re waiting, the group has made available for free their first single, “Torture,” giving fans a taste of what to expect from the album.  You’ll feel right at home with the epic strings and percussion in the piece, but the addition of a powerful vocal performance is what’s key, and will, I believe, allow this group to reach a more mainstream audience.  The single can be downloaded for free from the band’s website, and you can bet we’ll be keeping an eye on the group and their upcoming album.

What do you think of Les Friction and “Torture?” Are you looking forward to their debut album?

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