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Game Music Radio Roundup: Go-To VGM Streams for Your Listening Pleasure

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We’re in that age where we want everything at our fingertips without the need to go searching too extensively. We subscribe to feeds and bookmark databases so we always know where we can go for all of our information and news on any particular topic.

Streaming has become a popular thing in this age where traditional radio is becoming quickly antiquated. When you have the ability to create and stream nearly any amount of any genre of music, why limit yourself to stations that cater to a larger demographic? Video game music is no different, with entire online stations dedicated to just game music and VGM arrangements. So where are some of the best places to go to get your steady game music fix?


The 8bitX station offers a wide variety of different game music streaming through devices such as Android or Apple iPhone. It also features a wide variety of podcasts from several hosts such as DJ Cutman’s This Week in Chiptune and older archived podcasts such as OCR’s Overclocked After Dark. A weekly schedule of shows is available to check out, or you can simply stream them live for continuous tunes.

Arecibo Radio –

Arecibo is a little bit of everything. They regularly stream a huge variety of game music for those just looking for some stuff to bob your head to. They also feature regular live shows such as Open Circuit, a two-hour-long stream of indie rock and electronic music with the occasional spotlight on various artists from the chiptune and vgm scenes (and often hosts Dwelling of Duels listening parties), and Noise Channel, which focuses on chiptune culture, showcasing the latest chip artists, with classics and arrangements thrown in for variety. The network has pretty much a little bit of everything for game music fans to stream.

OCR Radio

Overclocked Remix has their own streaming service that can be played via their own media player or through Android or Apple iPhones. As the name suggests, the station streams video game music arrangements and remixes that are pulled from their vast database of almost 3,000 submitted songs through the organization’s tenure. These include arrangements directly off of their produced album compilations. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as if you want a selection of more than just game arrangements, the network also features streams dedicated to video game covers, chiptunes and straight original game soundtracks also! It’s quite the grab-bag of everything VGM-related.

RPG Gamers Radio

Boasting a library of over 2,700 songs, RPG Gamers streaming music also allows for music requests from listeners, as well as requests for songs to be added to their library that might not already be there. They sport a good mix of classic game music and more recently released content, and newest uploads can be found via their changelog. You can also visit their chatrooms, forums and even customize the player skin, if that’s your type of thing.

Certainly, Pandora is another option for people to stream video game music, though the results can be a bit hit or miss. Searching for ‘video game music’ or ‘video game remix’ is dependent upon what is uploaded and what each individual songs are tagged as, so you could end up getting something other than what you searched for, such as anime music or anything related. Still, it’s not a horrible option for those on the go.

These, truly, are only a few of my favorites and a small sampling of what’s available if you know where to look.. So what are your go-to places to get your game music streaming from, or what stations are your favorites and why? Are there any we didn’t list that we’re totally missing out on? Let us know in the comments!

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