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Game Soundtracks For Your Soul: Level Two

February 20, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Game Soundtracks For Your Soul: Level Twoon Twitter

Continuing my series of video game soundtracks that have made a personal impact on me. In this week’s feature I discuss two pieces of music, one is an excerpt from a Sega Saturn masterpiece, the other is a an introduction piece. The music of AZEL: Panzer Dragoon RPG, and the short but sweet theme of Cyan (AKA Cyan Worlds). Is there a soundtrack that holds a special place in your memory? Bring on the man tears.

When I was in high school in the days before Paypal, and before I owned my first credit card the money order was my tool to obtain game soundtracks. As I lived in Canada I often had to purchase money orders in US dollars and mail them off hoping they would arrive, and I wouldn’t get screwed. One in particular I went to great efforts to obtain but never could was the soundtrack to AZEL:Panzer Dragoon RPG MJCA-10009, a catalogue number I have engrained in my memory. I could never find a retailer that would accept the money order method, or the credit card of a parent because I lived in Canada. However when the album was rereleased in the form of the a Memorial Album with an additional two remix tracks, I was successful and paid $86.00 in a bidding war. I have since gotten $86.00 worth of playtime out of those CDs.  Soari Kobayshi and Mariko Nanba’s work on this soundtrack is nothing but astounding. The percussion, and variety of music always bring me back to the time I spent playing this game on my Sega Saturn.

The most memorable track on the album for me the “Premonition of War” which plays just as gameplay shifts to riding your dragon and exploring a new world. This expansive track is one I return to over and over again as it covers the vast scope of this wonderful game. The track was uploaded to Youtube by Dave’s Retro Gaming 4 U.

Another piece of music that has stuck with me for years  is the 1993 Cyan Theme, which played before the opening scene of Myst. The video was uploaded to YouTube by necro2607. The music of the Myst is what I consider to be classic video game music. The Cyan Theme is the simplistic build up to the experience I remember so fondly.

The theme was enhanced when Cyan was rebranded as Cyan Worlds, the result gave me goosebumps. The Youtube video was uploaded by dravenaz. The new version begins with the same classic melody presented in the original them, and then it changes – cue goosebumps. The music immediately signals that Cyan is back, but better than ever and the new sound reflects the audio technology of the time. Hearing the new theme brings back all the fond memories of the original game and the hours I devoted to it. Where the new theme leaves you excited for the new technology, sound and graphics.

Do you have any fond memories of an intro theme, or obtaining a soundtrack you sought after?


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