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GameChops Releases Undertale Remix Album ‘Hopes & Dreams’

June 20, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook GameChops Releases Undertale Remix Album ‘Hopes & Dreams’on Twitter


GameChops has announced the release of their big Summer album Hopes & Dreams by Arcien with an accompanying music video. Hopes & Dreams is a remix album dedicated to the indie fan favorite, Undertale. Unlike the label’s previous Undertale album — Undertale Remixed by Holder — Hopes & Dreams takes a different approach to the massive amount of music from the game.

“While Holder focused largely on character themes, Hopes & Dreams sets out to adapt the setting and story of Undertale in a musical form. From the future house intro, “Once Upon a Time,” to the 80’s synthwave “Thunder Snails,” to the dark, drum and bass boss battle “Your Best Nightmare,” Arcien hits all the major plot points of the Undertale story. Thoughtful transitions make the album a joy to listen to, front to back.”

Hopes & Dreams is available to purchase on Loudr, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play or can be streamed on Spotify. You can also check out the music video above for the track “Your Best Nightmare” to get a feel for Arcien’s interpretation of Undertale’s music.

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