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GameChops’ Sonic remix sequel, Spindash 2, out now

July 5, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook GameChops’ Sonic remix sequel, Spindash 2, out nowon Twitter

GameChops' Sonic remix sequel, Spindash 2, is out now

There’s something about Sonic that makes me think Summertime; maybe it’s the series trademark vibrant colors or penchant for lush, tropical Zones. GameChops must feel the same because July 1st marked the launch of their latest collaborative album, Spindash 2. Featuring GameChops alumni as well as some new faces, the 16-track album covers a similar roster of Sonic titles.

There’s a lot of love for Sonic 1, 2, and 3 but you’ll also hear loving EDM (and 1 solo piano) remixes from Sonic Colors, Sonic 2006, Sonic and the Secret Rings and more. The album is available to buy now for around $10 on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. You can also stream it on Spotify or listen and watch DJ Cutman’s July 1st listening party stream. It’s a spastic, meme-tastic way to check out the music on the album. Check out the playlist below to see who remixed what.

  1. Hyper Potions – Tropical Resort (From “Sonic Colors”)
  2. Tudd – Funky Robo (From “Sonic Adventure”)
  3. bLiNd – Starlight Starbright (From “Sonic the Hedgehog”
  4. Mykah – Angel Island (From “Sonic 3”)
  5. Flexstyle – Aquafire (From “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”
  6. RobKTA – King of the Mountain (From “Sonic 3”)
  7. Steven Silo – Marble Zone (From “Sonic the Hedgehog”
  8. Grimecraft – Chemical Plant (From “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”)
  9. GlitchxCity – Crisis City (From “Sonic the Hedgehog 2006”)
  10. DJ SuperSonic – Flying Fusion (From “Sonic 3”)
  11. General Offensive – Flying Battery (From “Sonic 3”)
  12. DJR feat. Chjolo – Totally Rad (From “Sonic Adventure 2”)
  13. Mega Flare/Tetracase – Seven Rings (From “Sonic and the Secret Rings”)
  14. DJ Cutman/Breakbeat Heartbeat – Chao Garden (From “Sonic Adventure 2 Battle”)
  15. Curly – Planet Wisp (From “Sonic Colors”)
  16. Sylvester Draggon Jr – Les Dauphins de l’aqueduc secret (From “Sonic 3”)
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