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Go Behind the Music of Battletech with Composer Jon Everist

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Jon Everist the composer of the soundtracks to Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and Necropolis is currently working on the score to HarebrainedSchemes’ Battletech. It’s one on my most anticipated scores for this year, and has been posting videos that take us behind the music. I have shared the playlist above which currently has two videos.

The first video features a simple video of a MIDI mood piece I wrote in a day to accompany a specific portion of the game. This is an (obviously) unfinished version of a track in progress that will later be properly mixed and mastered and added to. This video serves to show that fairly complex moods can be established with rather simple brushstrokes and textures using virtual instruments and analog synths. Future videos will include commentary by myself with a more robust look into what processes I follow when writing a cue for BattleTech (or for anything). This will include live videos of my recordings with orchestra, score overviews, some videos of me smashing keys, pushing buttons and twisting knobs on synths in my studio and some cinematics and snippets of music in the game itself.

Jon Everist, Composer

The second video is much more in depth and the composer dicusses the tools and processes he uses to create mock ups to record with live orchestra. You’ll also hear a few snippets of music coming to BattleTech.

If you have any questions or comments for the composer you can post them directly on YouTube here.

I’m looking forward to seeing more behind the scenes videos added to the playlist. Are you excited for the Battletech soundtrack?

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