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GROOVY! The Music of the Earthworm Jim Cartoon

May 19, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook GROOVY! The Music of the Earthworm Jim Cartoonon Twitter

As many of you may know, the music for the Earthworm Jim video game was composed by Tommy Tallarico, as was it’s sequel Earthworm Jim 2.  The music for the cartoon series however contained completely new and original music by composer William Anderson.  The theme song, according to Mr. Anderson’s website is his personal favorite and part of the reason is that he wrote and PERFORMED the piece himself.  The song itself is brilliant, fun, and reveals the very simple origin story of the character.   Watching it again and seeing Psy-crow use a conductor’s baton just made me want to sing along.  The opening was uploaded to YouTube by user Sjahut.

William Anderson has also composed the music for some classic animated series including the second seasons of the 1990’s  Marvel Fantastic Four/Iron Man cartoons series, Biker Mice From MarsX-Men Evolution, and My Little Pony which has become hugely successful.  The score of the Earthworm Jim cartoon was light symphonic melodies, and regularly featured instrumental versions of the theme song when Jim took action against the episode’s protagonist of the week including his green evil twin, Evil The Cat, Professor with a Monkey for a Head, and the Evil Queen (with her extended title changing almost every episode).

So have yourself a little Earthworm Jim sing a long, and you can also do Karaoke with a lyric free version of the theme by listening to the End Credits thanks to YouTube user James Smith.

The series is available for purchase on Amazon, and if you’ve never seen it you can sample the wonderful hilarity of it in this compilation EAT DIRT! catchphrases assembled by YouTube user brokensoul 8930.  I think the show captured the essence of the character, thanks to Dan Castellaneta’s voice talent (Homer Simpson).  This brief article ends my examination of the music in cartoons based on video games for the time being.  Now EAT DIRT! You gigantic fans of video game music!

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