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Halloween VGM Arrangement Album Wrap-up

November 1, 2015 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Halloween VGM Arrangement Album Wrap-upon Twitter

Every Halloween, you can always expect a a good assortment of spooky-themed game music arrangement projects released to ring in the holiday season. Some sneak out right on the celebratory day itself and capitalize on all your October 31st activities. Here’s a few you may have missed:

Vampire Variations III

The third installment of the Castlevania-tribute project, VV3 dedicates itself to covering the entirety of one of the longer Classicvania OSTs, Super Castlevania 4. Backed by Overclocked Remix and directed again by Alexandre “Chernabogue” Mourey, the album features two disks and 24-tracks spanning the Super Nintendo title. You can grab the album free on the OCRemix page – Vampire Variations III.

Danse Macabre IV: Survival of the Fittest

Another sequel to a previously-created series of arrangement albums, the first three Danse Macabre albums were directed by Erik “Viking Guitar” Peabody and featured arrangements of horror-themes from across multiple media platforms such as movies and TV along with games. This time directed by Big Mat Attacks, Danse Macabre IV keeps itself contained to video game music only, touching upon themes from Clock Tower, FNaF and multiple Silent Hills. The album is Name Your Price and has a good lineup featured. (Disclaimer: I did volunteer the album artwork and won’t be receiving any compensation other than maybe a ‘Hey, that looks neat!”)

Notte Breve

A mini-album by tibone, Notte Breve features four tracks from Silent Hill, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Ghost House and Alien Storm done up in a rock and progressive metal genre and only $1 for all. “The season have changed, there’s a chill in your spine, an uneasyness that grows bigger as the time passes. And one short night can change it all.

Did we miss some albums? What were your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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